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About FieldNet

Who we are

FieldNet is a Software company founded in 1994. The FieldNet head office is a few minutes from Oslo city center. There are approximately10 people working with FieldNet, where some of them are consultants hired from other companies.

 FieldNets primary focus is to develop software products that increases our customers productivity. FieldNet is currently one of Norways leading companies when it comes to collecting big data loads. Our products can be divided into three main parts, Data collection, Dashboards and Office applications. The customers are free to choose one part or a combination of them.

 One of FieldNets main philosophies is that all our software shall be built on open standards and it shall be easy for our customers to get their own data.

 FieldNet has long term agreements with several partners and sub contractors which gives us the neccesary flexibillity to deliver new projects fast with high quality.

 FieldNets ambition is to always use latest and best technology that exists. Inovation is very important within FieldNet in order to achieve our goals to be best within our business areas. It is all about using the right technology to the right time.

 All FieldNet customers can be assured that they get high end products, that security is insured and that they will get value for money.