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FieldNet Energy Analytics

Probably the most effective Energy Management tool on the market

About FieldNet Energy Analytics

FieldNet Energy Analytics is the user interface for doing deep energy analysis. The Energy Management System has a wide range of Energy Widgets availble. The system can be delivered as a cloud service or it can be hosted on the customer Intranet.

FieldNet Energy Analytics is designed and optimized for companies that wants full control on their Energy Consumption, do Energy Budgetting, Energy Economics and simply optimize the Energy usage. FieldNet Energy Analytics can collect Energy data from several sources including manual input.

FieldNet Energy Analytics is perfect for those who want to make a difference in the climate challenges the world is facing or for the companies that wants to reduce their energy consumption to reduce costs.


Data collection

FieldNet is currently collecting data from multiple types of data loggers, Automation systems, Energy Companies and other data sources. We support the most used meters and loggers like Kamstrup, Aidon, Landis+Gyr, Elvaco and more. We can easily support more brands.

When it comes to data standards we also support a wide range of standards used for collecting energy data like Mbus, Modbus, KNX, BACnet, OPC and more. We also import temprature data from national companies providing weather forecasts.

Together with our partners FieldNet provide complete Energy Solutions.



FieldNet Energy Analytics offers a wide range of predefined Energy Reports or Energy Widgets:

ET Widget

ET Widget is a report where it is possible to see the Energy consumption in relation to the outside temprature.

It is possible to see this report several as multiple presentations. Example on other presentations is tables or it is possible to have time on the X-axiz instead of temprature.


Energy Budget

The Energy Budget Widget gives you an overview over how much energy that is used so far in the selected period and what it is likely to be at the end of the period.

This widget will give the customers control and there should be no surprises when it comes to the energy costs.

The Energy Budget Widget can include one or multiple energy sources of the customers choice.


Effect Analysis

The Effect analysis widget gives you full control on the energy consumption for one or more meters as single or aggregated values. If you see deviations it is easy to zoom in on the critical areas.

In many contries the electricty effect has a huge impact on the total energy costs and it is an important parameter to control in order to reduce the energy bill. On example that has a big impact on the effect tops is charging electrical cars like Tesla.