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Next generation solutions for Big Data

Collecting data

FieldTalk is FieldNets platform for collecting and storing data. FieldTalk is collecting data from multiple sources. We still haven't seen the data source where FieldTalk is not capable of collecting data from.

FieldTalk is highly scalable and it is designed and optimized for huge loads of data series with both regular and irregular time intervals. Most of todays installations are collecting data every second with real time analysis and predictions.


FieldTalk has for many years been the main platform for collecting data. The last generation of FieldTalk was released March 2016. FieldTalk can collect data from a wide range of sources including Energy data, Water data, Environment data and Process data.


FieldTalk also collects data from external API's. Some examples are weather data, store data, warehouse data and Social Media data.

FieldTalk has good solutions for effective integration of multiple data sources.

FieldTalk are currently collecting data from several control systems within the process industry. Examples are Siemens and ABB. This is normally OPC data sampled every second. Based on this data we also provide real time analysis, predictions visualized in FieldNet Process Analytics.

Data storage

FieldTalk data storage can be seen as two parts, one that effectively handles real time data streams and one that handles historic and calculated data. FieldTalk can be installed within existing customer infrastructure or it can be used as a cloud service hosted by FieldNet and partners.

The cloud service is secure and all data is backed up and stored at multiple locations where FieldNet has full control. FieldTalk stores all data that are collected, both structured and unstructured data. If the customers want to use their own cloud service for data storage that is OK. All FieldNet products are designed to work optimal in multiple cloud environments like Microsoft Azure.


FieldTalk WEB API - Work smarter

FieldNet also provide a tREST based web API that makes sure that customers have easy access to all their data. This means that they can easily make their own Web-, Mobile- or Office applications if wanted. The web API is designed to provide quick respons even with heavy data loads and real time data.

This is an assurance for all customeres so if they are not happy with FieldNet they can easily and without additional costs export their data to another partner. This means that FieldNet is forced to always deliver top quality products and services.



As a FieldNet customer you can be assured that your data is safe and that the security is maintained. FieldNet is using security mechanisms that is approved by the banks.

FieldNet security has on numerous occasions been approved by strict security regimes within the process industries and offshore.

All dataconnections are encrypted, all passwords are encrypted and users only get access to data they are entitled to.