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Process & Industry

FieldNet is amongst the leading companies on big data with associated real-time analysis.

About FieldNet Process Analytics

FieldNet Process Analytics is the customer interface for viewing and analysing Process data. FieldNet Process Analytics is availble as Web, Mobile application or as an Microsoft Excel application. All applications have real time updates. The service is availble as a local installation or as a cloud service.

FieldNet Process Analytics is made to help customers within the processindustry to get better control when it comes to their production. This will increase the production efficency and reduce the risks of production stops or production errors.

A factory that is manufactoring goods normally has production equipment from mulitple vendors. In many cases this equipment is "Locked" so important data is hidden from the owners and they might not play well with production equipment frommother vendors. FieldNet has many years experience of collecting this important process data and make it visible with real time analysis for the right employees in your organization. This will also have other positive effects like closing the gap between productiondepartments and management.


How does FieldNet Process Analytics work?

The projects are often started because a manufactoring company wants to make existing production more effective or they want to reduce some risks in regards to the manufactoring process. When FieldNet is involved the first step is to get an overview of the production equipment and its vendors. FieldNet will then book meetings with the vendors to figure out the best way to collect the most important data. FieldNet are capable of collecting data from several vendors and we already have a large number of vendors on our integrations list.

The next step is to configure the data collection. FieldNet standard is to collect data with seconds resolution. When data collection is working we will configure calculated data series, notification and alarm limits.

The last step is to configure the customer Dashboards according the customer needs. Fieldnet Process Analytics is easy to understand and the customer employees will quickly adopt the system and make new dashboards to make their working days more effective.