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FieldNet Waste Analytics

FieldNet Waste Analytics gives you complete control of your waste and associated costs.

About FieldNet Waste Analytics

FieldNet Waste analytics is the right product for companies that wants to document a green profile. Waste Analytics provides a complete overview of delivered waste. Waste Analytics may be delivered as an add-on to FieldNet Energy Analytics.

Many companies want to take steps further to be certified on national and international standards when it comes to waste management. In these cases FieldNet Waste Analytics will be an excellent choice to help achieve the goals set.

Currently FieldNet Waste Analytics has implemented Norwegian waste standards and the European Waste Catalogue (EWC). If your company wants to implement another standard please contact us.


How does FieldNet Waste Analytics work?

When a company has decided to document delivered waste they should find a good partner for waste handling. This partner will then periodically send files with waste data to FieldNet. The files will then automatically be read and imported into the FieldNet systems and will then immideately be available for analysis or documentation.

FieldNet Waste Analytics currently offers a wide range of reports and widgets for waste and waste economics. Most customers will find the reports they want within our current portfolio. If there are other reporting needs within waste management FieldNet will normally fix it with a weeks notice. Please contact us if you want to try our waste management solutions.