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References and Projects

Some FieldNet projects and customers

Since the FieldNet was founded in 1994 we have been involved in several great projects and customers. The customer size doesn't matter. All customers are important to FieldNet and we always focus on deliver high quality to solve customer challenges. If you would like to know more about how we work, please contact us.


Statoil K-lab

K-Lab is a metering and technlogy labratory in Kårstø on the Norwegian west coast. K-lab SST (SubSea testing) is important to Statoil for testing todays and future Subsea equipment.

It is critical that all SubSea equipment works optimally at the seafloor level. In order to acheive that the equipment is tested in environments built to be as realistic as possible. The main goal is more effectiv utilization of the oil reservoirs.

The Statoil requirements was software that could collect data from thousands of OPC tags and other sources every second and deliver realtime analysis. In additon high security according to Statoil standards was important.

FieldNet has over several years delivered multiple K-lab projects with high quality and it really proves our systems capabillities.


Tine Meierier

Tine Meierier, the leading dairy company in Norway, wanted to improve the production effectivity and get a better view on the internal processes. In order to acheive their goals it was neccesary to improve the information flow from the production gear to the Tine management, enhance data availabillity and in additon they wanted a system that could do realtime analysis for quicker reactions. In addtion it was critical that the system was flexible enough to support future internal reorganizations.

Tine is currently happy with a combination of FieldTalk and our office applications. We are now working on implementing our Dashoards solution, FieldNet Process Analytics.


FieldNet has delivered consulting services to BP within projects for the gas field Valhall. IT infrastructure and vulneraliity assessment are some of the areas where FieldNet has played a major role.



FieldNet has mainly been working with Shell as advisors using our long experience and expertice within systems integration. The project goal was to establish the operation centers for the gas fields Draugen and Ormen Lange.


Ranheim Paper & Board

As Ranheim Paper & Board started their ISO 50001 Energy Management certification process they need a partner that was able to collect Energy data from multiple sensors and OPC data from their production control systems. As FieldNet has several years experience in collecting big amount of data and deliver real time analyzis we was asked to support them in this process and deliver the Energy Management system.