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FieldNet has a long track record as advisors within multiple sectors as Process Industries, Environment, Business Intelligence and Energy.

Good advices from FieldNet

FieldNet offers own advisors and advisors from partners that are experienced  and with great competence within our key areas. In additon FieldNet advisors has experience with organisation restructuring and efficiency improvements processes.

Companies that hires FieldNet advisors will normally see improvements quickly and the return of investment payback period is short.


Energy and Environment

Many companies have energy costs reductions as one of their goals or to get a "green" profile. FieldNet has many years of experience on how to do it the most cost effective way. These goals are usually possible to achieve without big investments. It is more about getting exising infrastructure and existing systems to work well together. In addtion it is important to choose the optimal energy price plan and buy energy at the right time.

Most companies can without big effort reduce their energy consumption between 5 and 20%. Together this means a great cost reduction even i periods with low energy prices.