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Energy Management ISO 50001

What is Energy Management?

Energy Management means that your company has focus on reducing the energy consumption and continuously achieve improvements. Energy management is a lifelong process that includes planning of actions, documentation of actions results and new actions plans based on the results achieved. It is important that energy management is embedded as a part of the company leadership. 

Why implement Energy Management?

There are multiple reasons for implementing Energy Management. One of the obvious reasons is to reduce the energy costs. Another reason is that your company is getting focused on how the energy consumption impacts the environment. This will hopefully lead to better and more environment friendly decisions. A bonus is that partners and customers see that your company focus on the environment and this will probably lead to more sales.

What is the cost of introducing Energy Management?

Many companies think that introducing Energy Management are associated with heavy costs. This is a major misunderstanding. Starting with energy management does not need to involve big costs. What you need to get started is an approved Energy Management System, like FieldNet Energy Analytics. From there you will start saving costs every day as you get more focus and more control and that you are able to make actions faster than ever before.